Vulnerable Websites:Learn hacking and Test your hacking skills free

Vulnerable Websites
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Vulnerable Websites, anyone knows what does Vulnerable Websites means. Vulnerable Websites mean very low-security websites. These kinds of websites are used to test our hacking skills. I am very interested to become a hacker a few years I am trying to learn ethical hacking. actually, first, I don’t know where to go to learn ethical hacking and who can teach me. then I found a place and I went there to learn ethical hacking. the most important thing is practice. practice makes a man perfect. doesn’t matter what you are engineer, mechanic, or a hacker you have to practice your work to become fluent. I am a hacker, so I need to test my hacking, I found some Vulnerable websites to test my hacking skills. those Vulnerable websites help me how much I know about hacking. I will show you what are those. just check below the page.

Are there any vulnerable websites available on the internet?

yes, there are some Vulnerable websites available on the internet. I can use that Vulnerable website to test my hacking skills. you can also test your hacking skills on those websites. I will show you what are those websites.

this Vulnerable website is an online wargame website. It’s also a non-commersioal website. this website provides various pwn challenges regarding system exploitation. this Vulnerable website’s main purpose is fun. you can use this website to test your hacking skill. it’s a simple low-security website.


this is the other website. this website is a free website. this website is powered by eLearnSecurity.this website’s free community can build, host and share vulnerable web application code for educational and research purposes. I can create vulnerable web applications by using this website. This website platform is available without any restriction.


this is another website to teach you how to hack a Vulnerable website. and also create some Vulnerable websites. we can learn cyber security from these websites. this website is fun and addictive. you will get the points by answering the questions. Learn by following a structured path and reinforce your skills in a real-world environment by completing guided objective-based tasks and challenges.





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