Top 5 Search engines to search anonymously (Google Alternatives)


Today I will show you some search engines like Google. It gives you maximum security. It never takes your personal information and it also blocks ads which means no one can track you. we all know about google, google never gives us privacy. we are all tracking by Google. It also takes our pieces of information. now so many Google alternatives are available on the internet. the Google alternatives give you privacy and you can search anonymously. when you use internet anonymously no one can track you.

1. DuckDuckGo

If you are interested to seek something privately, then this is the best search engine for you. A large number of people are using this search engine because of the user privacy it offers. No one can track you while you seek something with this search engine, which means there are no ads following you.

You can add this search engine extension to your browser to keep your activities private. DuckDuckGo blocks cookies and trackers by default. also, DuckDuckGo lets you delete all the browsing data with the tap of a button.


2. Ecosia

Ecosia is launched in 2009. But the surprising fact is not many people are aware of this free-to-use search engine. It could be a great choice among alternatives to Google for you. the user interface is clean, and it’s somewhat similar to Google that’s why it’s a good alternative like google.


3. Qwant

It is another privacy-oriented search engine like as DuckDuckGo. Qwant is based out of France. Qwant never to harvest your personal data for ad-targeting. you can discover music if you are a music lover, this site has a dedicated section for music. you can discover music with the help of AI.


4. Swisscows

Swisscows website has previously changed the name of the website. Before this website was known as Hulbee. This website makes it to the 6th position after changing the name. This website is quite popular among parents because parents can set child-appropriate search results for their kids. you can set the website for safe search and you cant see pornographic and violent content on this website and you cant be overridden.


5. Search Encrypt

this website is a metasearch engine. metasearch engine puts privacy at its forefront. Search Encrypt ensures that your online activities remain safe. Search Encryptclaims that it doesn’t track any identifiable information about you and it uses local encryption to secure your searches.

Search Encrypt


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