Time to leave SBI , Here are some better bank than SBI

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Everyone in India thinks that SBI is a better bank than the others. In fact, it’s a common practice in India, to blindly follow others. Allow me to share my experience with SBI. Before we start, I want to say that I have four bank accounts besides SBI. Go through this article in order to understand how other banks serve you better than SBI.


SBI revised their charges after their merger with sub-banks like SBT, SBH and SBM. Now to think of it, it’s quite ignorant of Indians to reason that SBI is a better bank than the rest.


  • For metro, urban, semi-urban and rural areas, the minimum balance will be Rs.5000, Rs.3000, Rs 2000 and Rs 1000, respectively.
  • Failure of maintaining monthly balance will attract a penalty of up to Rs 100 plus service tax.
  • Savings account holders are allowed to deposit cash in their accounts three times a month, free of charge. Afterwards, the bank will charge you Rs.50 per deposit.
  • Withdrawal of cash from ATMs will charge you up to Rs 20, if the number of transactions exceeds three from different banks’ ATMs, in a month. And Rs 10 for more than five withdrawals from SBI ATMs.
  • SBI will charge Rs 15 for SMS alerts per quarter from debit card holders who maintain the average quarterly balance of up to Rs 25,000 during the three months period. There will be no charge for UPI/ USSD transactions of up to Rs 1,000.


I first created my SBI account when I was eighteen. Afterwards, I created three more bank accounts for a reason. Now I will describe the motive behind this change. I don’t use the SBI account so much anymore. They have an awful customer support. They speak to me as I’m asking them for free money. Also, their debit card isn’t quite adequate as you may think. SBI debit card doesn’t work on most international online stores. I have a PayPal account, so I need to add my debit card to PayPal but the SBI card didn’t work on PayPal. Also, SBI has higher restrictions on purchasing stuff online.



SBI has a high chance of transaction failures. Sometimes, your balance will be deducted from your account and transaction will end in failure. Afterwards, the money credits back to you in duration of seven days. So what happens when you need money on an urgent basis?

Common failures:

  • Sometimes, you don’t get your money during the withdrawal process at the ATM. Moreover, your balance gets deducted.
  • While sending money to your SBI account via Paytm, no money credits in your bank account. Instead, money gets deducted from the Paytm balance. It’s all due to the SBI transaction failure.

Modi urges India to become a cashless society. Modi said that every Indian should have a bank account. SBI is the biggest bank in India. Merging of SBI’s sub-banks happened only recently. Now, SBI bank charges for the revisions. Does anyone feel it’s a trick of Modi? I don’t know, but you need to think about it.



Federal Bank is the major private sector commercial bank, headquartered at Aluva Kochi, Kerala. As of 31st March 2016, Federal Bank has 1252 branches, spread across 24 states and 1516 ATMs across the country.
I created an account in the Federal Bank lately. Now I feel that I love this bank. It has got great customer support and respects everyone regardless of age or status.
I recommend the Selfie Account of Federal Bank. You can start a one, using fedbook App on Google Playstore. For more details, please visit – federal bank selfie account opening

Features of Federal Bank Selfie Account:

  • Zero balance account
  • Anyone can create it
  • No transaction charges
  • High transaction limit
  • Free cheque book
  • Free international visa gold debit card (works with PayPal)
  • Free internet banking
  • Free passbook
  • Free Fedmobile app
  • Free email alert
  • Mobile alert charge – Rs 0.50 per SMS

I feel that Federal Bank offer is similar to jio offer.



South Indian Bank Limited (SIB) is a major private sector bank, headquartered at Thrissur in Kerala, India. South Indian Bank has 850 branches, 4 service branches, 48 ext. counters and 20 Regional Offices, spread across more than 27 states and 3 union territories in India. It has set up 1320 ATMs and 17 Bulk Note Acceptor/Cash Deposit Machines, all over India.
This is my primary bank account which I have used for countless transactions. Customer support is remarkable. I created my SIB account five years ago. SIB has helped me greatly in setting and maintaining my online business. I recommend starting a regular account in SIB, with a minimum deposit of Rs.1000.

Features of South Indian Bank:

  • Minimum Balance required is Rs.1000
  • Free cheque book
  • Free international visa card (works with PayPal)
  • Free internet banking
  • Free passbook
  • Free SIB MOBILE app



Axis Bank Ltd. is the third largest of the private-sector banks in India, offering a comprehensive suite of financial products. The bank has its head office in Mumbai and Registered office in Ahmedabad. It has 3300 branches, 13,003 ATMs, and nine international offices.
I have an account in Axis Bank, since a few month back. I recommend Axis in case you are looking for making international transfers. I use Axis bank for collecting my revenue from AdSense. Because they are good in international businesses, so the money arrives within 3 days with no delays or any other issues. Also, I like the IMPS transfer feature of Axis Bank, which instantly transfers your fund.
What I’m not satisfied is their customer support. They give more importance to those rich people, having fat accounts in their bank. I consider it a huge downside of Axis Bank.

Highlighted Features:-

  • Zero balance account
  • IMPS instant fund transfer
  • Free internet banking
  • Free Rupay debit card

Please check the bank’s website for more details.
You can also try other private banks. But before starting an account, always take time out to research about their features and customer feedback.
You can also suggest some good banks in the comment section.


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