Smartphone explosion: The Major Reasons and Prevention

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Is your smartphone safe? or a bomb?

Recently we are hearing reports of exploding smartphone every day. It is the worst nightmare of a smartphone user.these explosions also caused harm to users also.these explosions are mainly caused by the problems caused by the defective batteries and other situations

We are here to give some reasons behind these explosions

Major Causes

Lithium-ion batteries seldom bulge or explode, but when they do, there are two leading causes. The first is a puncture, which might be caused by dropping your phone. A break in the thin compacted battery material between cells can produce an internal short circuit, leading to swelling and potential explosions.

Cheap batteries

Cheaper batteries can sometimes accidentally feature rare microscopic metal particles inside that might come into contact with other parts of the battery cell, also leading to a short circuit.

Some of the big fishes of the smartphone industry is also having these battery problems recently. These are happening because they are purchasing battery packs from multiple providers these are prone to these accidents the most.

Thermal runaway

This happens when specific areas of battery heat up and cannot cool down quickly. These lead to a chain reaction which triggers the heat again. This lead to the blasting of the battery.

Third party chargers

Some of the quick chargers we use today heat up the battery. The processors we use in the smartphone today are 2 or 3 generations above than the battery. The battery packs should also be updated like all other features for smartphones.

Prevention: protect yourself

  • Avoid charging while the phone is overheated
  • Avoid making a call while the device is charging
  • Always care for the overcharging indications by the phone
  • Avoid contact with heated equipment, near the flames or dashboard of your car
  • Avoid using third party chargers , stick to orginal chargers
  • Contact service centre if the battery is seen bulged
  • Do not charge your phone in bed
  • Allow your phone to cool
  • Avoid pressure so that you don’t want your phone’s battery to get a puncture

Self protection is the key. While there is no sure shot method to keep batteries safe, these are certain methods to keep our self safe.

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