How to run windows apps on android using wine 3.0 (Simple)

windows apps on android
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To help you guys, run windows apps on android using this tutorial.I will walk you through on every steps of how to run windows apps on android using wine 3.0.

If you really want to try some windows applications in Linux, Mac OS then you are out of luck. You cant do that directly. Then in 1993 a new windows compatibility layer program was established which is knows as the Wine which helped the Linux and Mac OS users out there to install and run windows applications in their favorite OS. This introduced a huge change in the OS industry.

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Problems with the Linux or Geeky users is that sometimes they have to rely on some of the graphics tools such as Adobe or MS suite which is available in Windows but not in Linux. So for this sole purpose they will have to switch to Windows get the work done and switch back to Linux. This was really getting on the nerves of the geeks. By the introduction of Wine this problem was taken care of. Wine stands for “Wine Is Not an Emulator”. Just as the name suggests its not an emulator it just provides a windows compatibility layer over Linux or Mac OS to run the windows applications. Now we can install Wine in Android as well.

Why Wine in Android?

If you want to show off running a run windows apps on android then this is the right tool. Also if you really want to run windows apps on android then this one can give it a nice shot. Since most of the Android smartphone that comes in now are mini laptops with almost cooler specs. Sometimes smartphones do outrun some of the older model laptops in RAM and processor. So its just fare that we should try and run some of the windows apps in android as well.

Wine 3.0 for android is still in its early stages. There may be some bugs and may offer laggy performance if you don’t have enough RAM and processor power. I have personally tried this in Oneplus 5T and Redmi Note 4. In both devices it works like a charm.

How to run windows apps on android

First step is to get the APK file of wine 3.0. Wine 3.0 have released in ARM version and x86 version. If you want to greater support then choose either of these. I choose the ARM version.

Download Wine 3.0 for Android

Once you have downloaded the APK from the above link. Make sure have enabled the option for installing apps from unknown sources. This option can be found under Device Administration.

Once you have enabled the access for installing apps from unknown sources just open the APK you have downloaded. It will ask you permissions like these.

windows apps on android

Just click on install.

Once the installation has completed, open the application. It will extract some of the needed files.

windows apps on android

After the extraction it will setup the windows environment for us.

windows apps on android

Once the environment is setup, we will be greeted with a windows 7 classic style OS. You can see a command prompt which is already running in the Desktop. Don’t close that command prompt. if you close it, it will automatically close the Wine as well.

windows apps on android

That’s it, folks! You have successfully installed the Wine application in android and now you can run windows apps in android as well. Play around with it and have fun.

Also if you want to try out some of the windows apps (of course you cant just take out an existing “exe” file and run in your android device, you will have to tweak it a little bit so that the android device will run it much smoother) you can find the modded or modified .exe files in here.

Desktop Apps ported to run in Wine on Android

The above link is an XDA developers link. so if you find any doubts please make sure you read the post completely. (sometimes they put the warning at last of the post).

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Even though the Wine 3.0 for android is in its early stages we will see some major changes in the upcoming future. If this goes on further, then the day where people get rid of laptop and use windows and linux in their smartphone itself is not very far.

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