Indian Debit Cards that work with PayPal 2018 (Card Decline Fixed)

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Are your Indian Debit Cards keep declined by PayPal? And struggle to make purchase with international store?

Don’t worry!

Finally, I find a way to solve Indian debit cards keep declining problem. This article is made with a lot of research and experimenting with different Indian debit cards.

Getting a complete PayPal account is an important step for a successful online business. It has various advantages and it’s the world’s most popular online wallet. Receiving money on PayPal isn’t a big issue. All you need is a PAN card and a bank account. Although, adding a india debit card and making purchases with it can be challenging because of RBI’s strict regulations. You may end in card decline problem or transaction failure. Personally for me, creating a complete PayPal account with india debit card was one of the most troublesome things to do.

Now I have a 100% complete PayPal account, through which I am able to get income from all around the world. Also, I can make payments to the almost any international stores available online.

paypal india debit card

Note: above image is captured from my business PayPal account.

I have had several bad experiences while creating my PayPal account, but the important thing is that I learned a lot from my previous mistakes. So I decided to share my encounters with you to help you create 100% complete PayPal account.

One more thing before I start, if you contact PayPal customer support, they will send you an automated e-mail, which in my view is useless. Therefore, I advise you to read this article carefully so you can create a 100% complete PayPal account.

PayPal and Indian bank change their rules from time to time. So I will try to update this article whenever required as well.

Benefits of PayPal

  • You can use your debit card to make payment in international store (e.g. iTunes, Fiverr, Upwork, etc.)
  • You can receive payment from overseas accounts & websites. (Such as clients or advertising payments.)
  • Many online services charge recurring payments. When you pay with PayPal, you can cancel the recurring payments at any time.
  • You can send mass payments.
  • You can create and send invoices directly to your client.

PayPal limitations for Indian Users (Set by RBI)

  • You can’t hold money on PayPal wallet. If you receive money from anywhere, the funds automatically transfer to your account after the duration of 24 hours.
  • You can’t make a purchase with PayPal wallet balance. Instead, need to link your debit card or credit card to make a purchase.
  • You can’t send payment within Indian PayPal accounts.

Update: PayPal now Works with 3D Secure

Good news for Indian customers! Now PayPal works with 3D secure. So all international EMV chip indian debit cards partially work with it. I say partially because there are some limitations to it. Go through the article to find out what I mean.

Requirements of Indian Debit Cards to Accept PayPal

  • Make sure all your details are entered correctly.which include debit card number, expiry date, CVV, address. Otherwise, your card gets declined.
  • Only Visa or Master Card (visa recommended)
  • Maintain sufficient balance.
    if your card is declined, then probably you have insufficient balance. Maintain at least 5$ in your account. Also, you should maintain your bank account’s minimum balance, otherwise the card doesn’t work.
  • Must be International EMV chip card.

paypal indian debit cards

An older international debit card may not an EMV chip card. But now all bank issue international EMV chip card as per RBI regulations.

  • Activate International Usage

Most of the banks come with activated international usage, but some banks require activation of international usage through SMS, phone call, or contact them through the branch (e.g. SBI).

Partially Supported Debit Card vs Complete Supported Debit Card

All Indian international EMV chip cards are partially supported by PayPal after implementing 3D secure authentication.

paypal indian debit cards


Benefits of Partially Supported Indian Debit Card

  • send payments to other PayPal accounts anywhere in the world.
  • You can make payments with PayPal donation page.
  • purchase with highly compatible PayPal stores, which asks for 3D secure while making payment. (Currently, very few such stores).

Benefits of Complete Supported Indian Debit Card

  • Benefits of partial account + below.
  • You can use your PayPal account smoothly for all international stores online, without the requirement of 3D secure.(international card normally required cvv only)
  • You can use your account for recurring payments (e.g. subscriptions).

How to Add Debit Card to PayPal successfully

PayPal has testing payment gateway and bank compatibility with India. So they made a lot of changes with time to time. Also, if you contact their customer support regarding this problem, they will send you an automated e-mail. But don’t worry I find a way to fix it. So read the following steps very carefully:-

Note: Before starting this procedure, make sure you pass debit card requirement which I listed above.


  1. log in to your PayPal account and add the debit card. Then enter your correct information.
  2. Afterwards, enter 3D secure bank authentication process if required. Sometimes, it may fail, so try at least three times with your correct information. Also, double check the requirements which are mention above.

If you successfully added your debit card to PayPal, then it means your card is supported either partially or completely.

In some cards, if you make purchase or payment with this account, you will be ended in card decline or transaction failure. I don’t know why this happens. Probably, this is because of PayPal development issue. (Note: this issue not faced by old users who add their debit card before 3D secure implementation). So follow below step to fixing it.

How to fix Card Decline problem and Purchase failure problem

3. Remove your debit card from PayPal. Then you can try two methods to add your debit card to your account for successful payment processing.

Method 1

3.1 Download ‘PayPal’ app from Google Playstore. Then add your debit card through the app.(there is no 3D secure authentication required). Now your card should be added.

Method 2

3.2 Upgrade your PayPal account to business account (free). Then go to-> profile & settings-> financial information -> Debit and credit cards-> update. Add your debit card there. (There is no 3D secure authentication required). Now your card should be added.


Now it’s Time to Check Your Debit Card: Is it Partially or Completely Supported?

1- Go to my PayPal donation page

2. then first, make payment of 0.01$ with your PayPal account. If the transaction is success without asking 3D secure code or OTP, then your card is completely supported.

3. If the above fails, try to make a payment of 0.10$ with your PayPal account. If the transaction is a success with 3D secure code or OTP then your card is partially supported.

Note: its the easiest way to check whether your card supported or not.this method is gets after experimenting with several cards.all complete supported card can make payment as low as 0.01$ but if you try with partially supported card you will be can make payment 0.10$ above with partially supported cards.


  • South Indian Bank (personally tested)
  • Axis Bank
  • HDFC Bank
  • ICICI Bank
  • Indian Overseas Bank
  • Kotak Mahindra Bank
  • Standard Chartered Bank
  • State Bank of India (Visa Global Card)
  • IndusInd Bank
  • Indian Bank
  • Yes Bank
  • CITI Bank


I got above supported Indian debit cards details from I don’t know if they’re completely or partially supported Indian debit cards. So please comment below about which bank is partially or completely supported, so I can update the list.

My Personal Experience

I have a bank account in South Indian Bank, Federal Bank, and Axis Bank. I will share my experience with these banks below:-

Axis Bank

I have zero balance in my Axis Bank account. They provide ‘RUPAY‘ debit card for me. Then I ask for international EMV chip card, but they ask me to upgrade my account to normal saving account, which should maintain Rs 10,000 minimum balance. I couldn’t afford this amount at the time. So I moved to another bank.

Federal Bank

I have zero balance account in my Federal Bank (selfie account) as well. And they provide ‘International EMV Visa Chip Card’ for free. But the debit card is partially supported. So, unfortunately, I had to choose another bank again.

SIB (South Indian Bank)

I have a normal saving account which should maintain Rs 1,000 minimum balance in SIB.They provided me with the Visa Classic International EMV Chip Card. Amazingly, this card is completely supported by PayPal. Now it’s my primary debit card for making payments.

I think SIB is the best choice if you’re looking for completely supported PayPal account. What you need is to spend Rs 1,000 to start your account, and request them for Visa Classic International EMV Chip Card.

which I choose, Visa Classic vs Silver vs Gold vs Platinum?

Don’t worry about debit card name. these Names are put by respective bank owners. It’s like basic, standard, premium etc.; with some extra features and higher limitations.

I hope you like this guide. I made this guide after spending a good amount of time on research and experimenting with many debit cards. So don’t forget to share. We need your maximum support to continue our effort in finding amazing stuff for you. Have a great time ahead. 🙂

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