How to make money online for beginners (Best Method)

how to make money online for beginners

Learn How to make money online for beginners? There is lot of ways to make money online. You tired of reading or watching how to make money online. 50% of online make money methods are scams, be aware! 30% of them will be survey and app rewarding methods. no worries, today I will teach you How to make money online for beginners.

How many of you are rich by doing online survey and app rewarding methods? 

  • 50% Online Make Money methods are scams. Be aware!
  • 30% are online survey and app rewarding methods. You can earn small amount only! which is even can’t pay internet cost 🙂

Your Time is real Money!

don’t waste your time for online scams or rubbish app rewarding programs online. Time is Wealth! How much you charge for 1 hours of your time?

I am working as freelancer on upwork and mine is 12$/hours. There is also freelancer charge 200$/hours.So first know your value! Don’t waste it on Scams.

What I will show you on this article

  • Real Way to Make Money Online
  • These Methods are created after my 4 years of blogging and other experiences.
  • Its Passive income Methods!

How to make money online for beginners

Let’s see my Best way to make money online and learn How to make money online for beginners. list is big and not completed yet.


We all watch videos almost daily on YouTube. We listen to music, watch videos and entertain ourselves. But it comes as a surprise to most people when they hear that they can earn money through YouTube. So how why and how YouTube pays you? It’s simple. You’ve seen ads whenever you were playing a video on it. Companies out there pay YouTube to feature their ads, but on whose videos? Of course. The ones who upload videos on YouTube. Thousands of YouTubers upload their videos every day. From a few thousand to millions of views, they earn money when a certain number of views are achieved. YouTube pays them to feature ads. So if you have a way of making attention-grabbing videos, then think of getting them up on YouTube. And earn as you go. YouTube is counted in as one of the best ways to make money online.


Providing platforms for advertisements can be an easy way of making money online. Google AdSense and some other Ad networks are out there which are selling ads for companies and corporations around the world. What they need is a platform which you can provide. You only need a website or a blog to host it for them and get paid in return. It’s easy to make money online through this way if you’re good at blogging for example. Many bloggers have found this great way to passionately write and post on their blogs. They attract a good traffic and get earnings for a fixed amount of viewers they catch.
The most widely used platforms are WordPress and Blogger. Both have user-friendly interfaces and very easy to learn using them.

3.Affiliate Marketing

This is all about seriously huge money if you can dedicate and sacrifice your time to get a good start. This is the most trending of all ways to make money online since online shopping and marketing is the new marvel of this era. Loads of websites are promoting their products and could use skilful affiliate marketers to achieve this target. In affiliate marketing, you’re supposed to market and make it interesting enough for the customers to buy products of the company you’re working for. In the end, you get a good commission from it. There are countless established affiliate marketers out there who are making the real and ample amount of money.

4.Start a Niche website.

everyone has unique can start your own website with different concept.


Freelancing is one of the most challenging yet one of the best ways to make money online. All you need is an amazing skill that your client can use. Propose your own fee, make your own timetable and plan your own vacations whenever you like. If you have thought of being an independent self-employed person, then freelancing is for you but only if you’re really good at something. From administrative jobs to content writing and software designing, freelancing is the new deal of the era. There are a lot of websites that provide freelancers a great platform to work from, connect with clients, and post their skills and more. Websites like Fiverr, Upwork and Freelancer are already swimming in millions of jobs for freelancers each year!

6.Sell Product on the third party website

online selling is wide topic.I just show you some of the important selling methods.

a) sell new product

b) sell old, refurbished product

c) sell product on international website

7- Start a online store.

Yes! Sell online. Sell your stuff with a bit of profit. There are many people out there who have made this a full-time job for themselves. They sell things that others find interesting. They even put an auction and earn several times the amount they spend on buying them. It’s really simple if you look it up. For e.g. order things from another country that are fascinating for the ones around you. Believe it or not, people have earned thousands of dollars off this way of making money online. Websites like eBay and Amazon provide wonderful chances to pump this business.

7.Sell Online Course

If you’re really good at your favourite subject, or perhaps more than one subjects, then become an online teacher. Websites like Udemy and Skillshare offers a great prospect for those who are passionate about teaching and earning money from the comfort of their homes. It’s the best way to make money online for those who have experience in teaching before.

8.Start App Business.

If you can make apps and promote it really well, you can monetize it and earn money. You help the ad companies to show their ads on your apps. Whenever people use your app, they see the ad and you get paid. Different companies have different guidelines set for paying their clients who sponsor their ads.

9. sell codes, website templates, other assets.

  • codecayon
  • themeforest
  • unity store





12.sell ebook

13.domain trading reselling flipping

16. Online Transcribe

17. Affiliate marketing

18. Trading

Things to avoid

1-dataentry scam.


3-scam websites


5- reward websites

6- reward apps.


These were How to make money online for beginners, the freedom to make your own time-tables and set your hours. It all depends on how much effort you put. If you have any queries, please comment below.

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