How to increase memory card size upto 16gb (Simple)

increase memory card size 2019
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Are you looking for increase memory card size?

Yeah, you’re in the right place! This trick is tested with so many memory cards and 100% working. This tutorial is very simple to learn.
Today I will teach you how to increase memory card size upto 16gb using E-compression technology.How to Increase memory card size using E-compression technology

Follow this simple steps to convert your memory card to 16gb.

Step 1: Download SDATA tool

Download & Install SDATA tool in your windows ( windows 7 recommended). SDATA tool actually expands your memory card up to 16gb using E-compression technology.

Step 2: Connect your Memory card

Connect your memory card to your computer. I recommend connecting the memory card to the computer using a card reader.You can expand upto 16gb, so the memory card should be lesser than 16gb.


Step 3: Start Expanding Process

When you connect your sd card/memory card to the computer. Now the time to start the expansion process. expand work by doubling the memory card if your card is 4 Gb, first you need to expand it to 8gb then again do the expansion process to convert 8gb to 16gb.its not possible to expand directly from 4gb to 16gb.

So let’s start…

  • Open SDATA as ‘Run as administrator’. (important)
  • Then, choose your device path. (eg. E:\)
  • Afterward, select a greater size. (eg. 8gb)
  • Then select ‘E-compress Now’. ( wait few minutes )

increase memory card size pc

Warning– Don’t remove the memory card during this process.

Step 4: Redo expansion for further expansion

After finishing the memory card expand you need to redo step 3 for further increase in size. like I said above, 4gb need to expand to 8gb then expand to 16gb. likewise 2gb needs more expansion.


Step 5: Done… But read limitations as well

Now your card size is successfully expanded/increased. But there is some limitation for usage. Its actually virtual memory expansion and not a physical memory expansion. read carefully below limitations & warning before start using your expanded sd cards.

Limitations & Warning

  1. Only works with the memory card.
  2. Highest size will be 16 GB.
  3. Format your SD card before doing this process of memory expansion.
  4. After expansion, don’t use windows file copiers to copy anything from windows. Just remove the SD card and put it on your android phone, then copy the files.
  5. If you format the SD card, it will convert to its normal size.
  6. Make sure not to remove the SD card while this process is undergoing

If you Have any trouble Watch my video tutorial for better understanding.

Hope you like this tutorial, Don’t forget to share. I need your maximum support to continue my effort in finding amazing stuff for you. Have a nice day 🙂

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