IDM fake serial number fix for All version [Lifetime access] 2023

idm fake serial number

Looking for IDM fake serial number fix? You may get “idm registered with counterfeit serial number” message on pc after installing idm or you may get other types of IDM fake serial number problems which prevent you from accessing the internet download manager(IDM). Like the below image!

idm fake serial number problem

“Internet download manager has been registered with a counterfeit serial number!”

But, Don’t Worry!

Today, I will show you how to fix idm fake serial number problem for the All version with lifetime access.

You may be tired of installing and uninstalling different internet download manager. But don’t worry this idm version is checked with multiple pc and different situations. I can guarantee that this method will solve your problem forever.

This method is tested with a lot of my friend’s laptops and its working fine. Also, tested with windows 10, windows 7 platform.

The best advantage of this method is:

  • No more idm fake serial number problem
  • No more “Internet download manager has been registered with a counterfeit serial number” message
  • Get lifetime access to the internet download manager
  • You can solve this problem for any idm version you have!
  • Possible to update the idm to the latest version without any problem
  • Can do this method while connecting to the internet. There is no problem!

So, Let’s get started

How to fix IDM fake serial number for All version

you can fix idm fake serial number problem by doing the below steps.

Step 1: Uninstall old idm

Uninstall any internet download manager program and patches if exist. Because sometimes old idm program and its patch will affect. So better to start clean by uninstalling it.

Step 2: Download Modified idm (Update 2021)

Let’s Download the modified Idm. This modified IDM version is built for solving the idm fake serial number problem.

Download IDM fix for all version

Password for the patch: 123

Step 3: Extract & Install Modified idm

You need to extract the IDM using WinRAR. If you don’t have WinRAR, you can download it! it’s free!

Now Extract the modified IDM. create a new folder in your pc and extract inside the folder. otherwise its looks messy.

Step 4: Check whether you still have fake serial problem? 

after installing idm let’s open it. the internet download manager is now an unregistered version. Sometimes idm will not open and you will get the fake serial problem. it’s because of any old idm version files on your pc. But don’t worry, after installing patch it will solve the problem.

Step 5: Turn off antivirus before installing the patch

If your system has any antivirus, turn it off. Because antivirus sometimes detects the patch as a virus, but actually it’s not. In my system, I turn off windows defender then install the patch. There is no problem if you are connected to the internet!

Step 6: Install patch 32bit or 64bit idm patch

Let’s install the patch to get lifetime access to idm without any problem. Before installing the patch, you need to exit idm if it’s running!

There is two patches 32-bit and 64-bit. If your system is 32-bit then install the 32-bit patch. If your system is 64-bit then install a 64-bit patch. if you don’t know your system type then go to your system properties and check your system type there.

After successfully install the patch! your fake serial problem will solve. Also, you will get idm for lifetime.

Step 7: Update idm to the latest version

This modified idm version is 6.36, In the future new release will come. Also, it’s may be not well integrated with the latest browser such as google chrome, Mozilla, etc. So, I recommend you to update the idm. you may get fake serial problem after updating idm. don’t worry do the patch again, it will solve the problem. By doing this, you will get the latest version of idm.


I hope you solve IDM fake serial number problem forever! If you have any problem regarding this post, plz comment below. I hope you like this tutorials. Please share this tutorial with your friends. So they can also IDM for lifetime for free without fake serial key problem. Have a nice day! Goodbye! 🙂

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3 years ago

This tutorial worked for me. Thank you.

3 years ago

It has worked for me too thank you! What’s your YouTube page?

3 years ago

Thank you so much!