How to hack wifi password using android phone

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Do you ever try to hack wifi passwords using your android device? I have tried lots of times to crack wifi passwords just using my android phone. but I can’t crack their wifi password. But now I can crack wifi passwords using my android phone. finally, I found the solution for hack wifi passwords. you can also hack as I did. I will guide you on how to hack a wifi password just using your mobile. you just need an android device to hack wifi password. you just follow my steps to hack wifi passwords.

How to hack wifi password using android phone?

To hack a wifi password I need two applications. these applications are very safe and secure. don’t worry about installing those applications. just install and follow my steps to hack the wifi password.


To hack a wifi password first, you should have to root your android device. there are so many applications are available on the internet to root your android device. you can root your android device using those applications. eg: iRoot, kingroot, etc…. one of the best android rooting applications is kingroot. personally, I recommended you use this application to root your android software.


2. install bcmon

after rooting your android device download and install bcmon application. This tool enables Monitor Mode on your Broadcom chipset.bcmon application is a free application. you can download the application from the link I have given below.


after installing the bcmon application, run the application and tap the “Enable Monitor Mode” option. maybe the app will crash. when it crashed close the application and try to open it again. if you cant open the bcmon application it means your device is not supported.

3. Run bcmon terminal

Tap bcmon terminal, now you can see a terminal most like Linux. after open the terminal type,


 and tap enter.

wait some seconds to load AIrdump.

then type,

airodump-ng wlan0

tap enter.

4. Access point

now you will see the list of the access points. identified the access point you want to crack. select the access point which one is using WEP encryption.

5. MAC address

you can see the several mac addresses. Make sure that you have the right one if there are multiple routers listed and not the right MAC address. And also not the channel name.

6. Scanning the channel

You have to collect information from the access point for several hours before you can attempt to crack the password. then type,

airodump-ng -c channel# --bssid MAC address -w output ath0

then tap enter.

Airodump will start scanning. You can leave the device for a while because it takes some minutes to finish.

{Replace channel# = channel number (eg:8)

MAC address = MAC address of the router (eg: 00:0b:93:9e:64:15)}

Keep scanning until you reach at least 20,000-30,000 packets.

7. Password

Once you have a suitable number of packets, start attempting to crack the password. And  Return to the terminal and type,

 aircrack-ng output*.cap

and tap enter.

8. Note the password

After the cracking process is complete, the message will appear (password alert), followed by the key in the hexadecimal form. Make sure that Probability is 100% . otherwise, the key will not work.

enter the key without “:”. this symbols. (eg: 13:44:86:18:50 the password is 1344861850)


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