How to fix corrupted sd card on android without using any softwares(100%)

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Do you know How to fix corrupted sd card on android? I found the solution to fix the corrupted sd card on android. it’s very easy to fix corrupted sd cards on android. actually, it’s a common issue we are all facing. I will teach you how to recover the photos and other data from a malfunctioning memory card. It will also teach you how to reformat the memory card for continued use if the memory card is repairable. It’s possible for a perfectly working SD card to fail without warning, but most SD cards first show corruption/damage before they stop working. If you learn to recognize these signs, you’ll become able to back up your data in time and fix the underlying problem while you still can. You insert your SD card into your digital camera or laptop, and nothing happens, and no sound, no message, nothing. An experience like this can be alarming, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that your SD card is dead. If you have to reinsert the SD card several times before it finally mounts properly, you might be dealing with SD card corruption or even physical damage. Corrupted or damaged SD cards performance must be very low and make data transfers take a very long time. so, I will show you How to fix corrupted sd card on android. follow the steps I have given below to fix corrupted sd cards.

How to fix corrupted sd card on android?

we can fix corrupted sd cards by using CMD. if you have a computer you can fix the corrupted sd cards. follow my steps to fix the corrupted sd cards.

1. CMD

first, connect the corrupted sd card to your computer.

then, I have to open the command prompt. so, go to search and type CMD.

then right-click and click run as administrator.

If you aren’t using your computer’s administrator account, you won’t be able to do this.

2. copypaste

copy or type the command I have given below and past it to the command prompt.

chkdsk X: /f

X=replace X with the letter assigned to the SD card you want to fix.

/f=The /f parameter tells CHKDSK to fix all memory card errors.

There is only one space between “X:” and “/f”.

Wait for CHKDSK to finish.

The process may take several hours, depending on the size of your SD card.

after all, if you want to recover your sd card data, then click the link I have given below.

recover deleted sd card data

download the software from the link I have given. this is the best software to recover data

from sd cards. you can recover all lost data from sd card.

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