Hacking tools for beginners: 50 Hacking Tools with their #Category

Hacking tools for beginners
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list of these hacking tools for beginners I have given below. 90% of humans are very interested to know about what they are doing. they also search to know about how to hack someone Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. once I am also searching like that on the internet. normally we can’t find the answer to those questions. if you want their social media password, you should have to learn to hack. if you are interested to learn to hack then you can hack someone’s account. there are so many hacking courses available now. if you don’t know about hacking but are still interested then I will introduce you to some hacking tools for beginners. if you are a beginner it will definitely help you. just check the tools I have given below. hacking tools are categorized by tools use. so, you can easy to know about the tool.

is there any hacking tools for beginners?

there are so many hacking tools are available on the internet. you can download the tools by their category. you can see some hacking tools below this page

♦ Phishing Tools

1. SocialFish

2. ShellPhish

3. BlackEye
4. Weeman

♦ Information Gathering

5. Red Hawk
6. D-Tect
7. Lazy-Script
8. Pureblood Framework
9. ReconDog
10. Crips (Ip Tool)
11. EvilUrl IDN homograph
12. Lazymux

13. Tool – X
14. Angry Fuzzer
15. TheChoice
16. UserRecon
17. IPGeolocation-Trace Ip
18. Infoga-Collect Email-Info

♦ Vulnerability Analysis
19. OWScan

20. CMS Map Vul-Scanner
21. Click-jacking Scanner
22. TM-Scanner
23. Androbug Framework
24. SQLI Scanner
25. Commix
26. WPSeku Tool
27. RouterSploit Framework
28. Nikto web server – Scanner
29. Creadmap-check login Emails

♦ Exploitation
30. CMSeek Suit

31. Zarp-local Network Tool
32. TM-Venom
33. Metasploit Framework
34. A-Rat Exploit
35. Hulk (DDoS Tool)
36. Golden Eye (DDoS Tool)
37. Brutal

♦ Not Categorized
38. DarkFly-Tool

39. Apache2 – HTTP Server
40. Hash Cracker
41. Wordlist Generator
42. BruteSpray
43. KaliNetHunter

44. ChoiceBot

45. DarkSploit

46. Cyber Scan
47. Optiva Framework
48. Hakku Framework
49. Santet-Online

50. LazyFiglet


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