How to Hack Wifi password without Root on Android (JioFi Supported)

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Did you looking for a simplest and effective way to hack wifi password without root using your android phone?

I am here to help you!

Hacking a Wi-Fi isn’t a simple task. But now, I will teach you how to hack wifi password without root using your android phone. It’s much simpler than you would expect.

First, you need to understand about the security framework of Wi-Fi. Basically, it has three security levels:-

  • WEP – 1st generation Wi-Fi security protocol which is very simple to hack.
  • WPA – 2nd generation Wi-Fi security protocol. It can be hacked but there’s a 50-50 chance involved.
  • WP2 – current standard Wi-Fi security protocol which is the stiffest of all to hack.
    Hacking WP2 is a complicated task, and it’s not covered in this tutorial. But you can hack WEP and WPA Wi-Fi using the info I will provide you here.

WEP is almost defunct in IT industry because of its poor security outline. But still, WPA protocol is in huge use. Even so, India’s trending telecom company, Jio’s JioFi is employing WPA security. And a lot of routers are using WPA security.

So, now learn how to hack a WEP or WPA security Wi-Fi routers.

Note: This tutorial is for educational purpose only. Don’t use it in a bad way.

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Who can hack WiFi password

  • Android phone user
  • A non-rooted user
  • A rooted device (rooted device get 4x chance of hacking a Wi-Fi)

Note: The targeted Wi-Fi should have a good signal strength, otherwise you can’t hack at all.


Hack WiFi Password using your Android phone

Step 1: Download these 2 apps

Download and install the above 2 apps on your android device which is avaialable on playstore.

Step 2: Hack wifi password using WIFI WPS WPA TESTER

  • Open WIFI WPS WPA tester app
  • Agree on term and conditions of this app

Hack WiFi Password

  • Press the ‘Scan’ button, present on top of the app. Now you can see possible Wi-Fi that can be hacked. Three colours of this app have a role in while breaking the Wi-Fi’s security. Green indicates easy, yellow indicates medium while red indicates ‘not possible’. If you find a green or yellow marking on a Wi-Fi, then continue the steps below:

Hack WiFi Password

  • select connect automatic pin.It will automatically check possible method to hack the wifi.It takes a little while, so you have to wait.

Hack WiFi Password

  • If the Wi-Fi gets hacked, you get a success message. Rooted users can see the Wi-Fi password as well. A not-rooted user, on the other hand, cannot see the password.


Step 3: Hack wifi password using AndroDumpper

If you fail to hack the Wi-Fi using the above app, then try this app. I have personal experience with Adrodumpper, which can hack a Wi-Fi, even when the above app fails. Although, I would recommend both apps for this hack. Follow the steps below:-

  • Open Androdumpper app. It’s similar to the previous app.
  • Press ‘Scan’ button on top of the app. Now you can see the potential Wi-Fi that can be hacked.

Hack WiFi Password

  • Press try connect
  • then select no root -> no custom pin 
  • if it does not work, select root-> no custom pin (rooted user only)
  • It will automatically check possible methods to hack the Wi-Fi. It also takes a moment so you have to wait again.
  • If the Wi-Fi gets hacked you get a message for a successful attempt.

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