17 Best Games for 2gb ram pc without graphics card (With Download Link)

Games for 2gb ram pc without graphics card

Looking for Games for 2gb ram pc without graphics card. you are at the right place. actually, this is a common problem who has low-end pc. but don’t worry I will show you some games you can play on your low-end pc. If you have 2GB ram don’t worry you can play the games. this is the best solution for low-end pc gamers. just check the below games for 2gb ram pc without graphics card.

Is it possible to play ‘best’ games for 2gb ram pc without graphics card now?

Yes, it’s possible to play games on a 2Gb ram pc. I tested myself with my low-end pc. you can play those games on your low-end pc. And This is not just games, these are life, emotions, love,etc. childhood is covered with these games. I can guarantee you these games are one of the best games I played, these games still beat current next-gen games.

1- Prince of Persia: Warrior Within

Warrior Within is an action-adventure video game and sequel to Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. it’s the second part of the Prince of Persia game. this is my favorite game ever because of its story. that much good this game. this is the best option to play.

Prince of Persia: Warrior Within

2- GTA San Andreas

GTA San Andreas is a 2004 action-adventure game developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. it’s an open-world game I can do anything in this game it’s a very entertaining game. in this game, I am a gangster. I can do everything in this game.

GTA San Andreas

3- Battlefield bad company

 Bad Company is a first-person shooter game. It was released on 23 June 2008. Best shooting game and I can feel while I am playing I am on the field. this game gives us a compact feel.

Battlefield bad company

4- Fifa 09

FIFA 09 is a sports game, actually, it’s a football game. if you are a football you can really enjoy the game as I do.FIFA 09 is developed by EA games.It was released in October 2008.

Fifa 09

5- NFS Most Wanted

Need For Speed Most Wanted is an open-world racing game. this game is developed by EA games.it was released on November 11, 2005. this is the top racing game all the time. it’s a story-based open-world game that’s why this game is so popular.

NFS Most Wanted

6- X-men Origins

X-Men Origins Wolverine game is an action-adventure game. X-Men Origins: Wolverine game is based on the movie. the game story is the same as the movie. we can only find few changes when we compare the game with the movie.

X-men Orgins

7- Bully Scholarship edition

Bully is an action-adventure game. it’s a third-person game. it’s a fun game. we are playing like a school student. game missions are real-life class subjects. eg: chemistry, physics…and it’s an open-world game too.


8- Project IGI 1, 2

Project I.G.I. is a first-person shooter video game. It was developed by Innerloop Studios. Project I.G.I was released in December 2000 by Eidos Interactive. it’s a multiplayer game too. Project IGI aims to prevent terrorism.

Project IGI 1

Project IGI 2

9- Brothers

Brothers is an adventure game. Brothers developed by Starbreeze Studios. it’s a multiplayer game. I like this game’s animation and background music.


10- Hitman blood money


Blood Money is released in  2006 May. Blood Money was developed by IO Interactive. Blood Money is a third-person adventure action game.


11- Pirates of Caribbean at world end

Pirates of Caribbean at world end game based on Pirates of Caribbean at world end movie. Pirates of the Caribbean is an action-adventure game. Pirates of Caribbeanpublished by Buena Vista Games.

Pirates of Caribbean at world end

12- Age of Empire 2 HD

Age of Empires is an award-winning game. Age of Empires best-selling real-time strategy game. we can explore a new map.it’s a multiplayer game too.

Age of Empire 2 HD

13- GTA Vice city

Grand Theft Auto Vice City is an action-adventure game. Grand Theft Auto Vice City was developed by Rockstar North. this is an open-world game. this is the first open-world game I have been played.

GTA Vice city

14- Godfather 1

Godfather is an action-adventure game. and also it’s an open-world game. and it’s developed by EA Redwood Shores. Godfather game was released in March 2006.

Godfather 1

15- Nfs Underground 2

Need for Speed Underground 2 cross-platform racing game. Need for Speed Underground 2 is the same as Need for Speed Underground 1.

Nfs Underground 2

16- max Payne 1

max Payne 1 is a third-person shooting game.max Payne 1 was developed by Remedy Entertainment. max Payne was released in July 2001.

max Payne 1

max Payne 2

17- Lord of Ring Return of the King

one of my favourite will update this section soon. games for 2gb ram pc

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