How to Find Serial Key of Any Software (Easiest Way) 2020

find serial key

Today I will teach you How to Find Serial Key of Any Software with a Easy trick.

There is a method by which you can easily find the serial key of any software. On internet
actually there are some sites which can provide the serial key of the most software. which
you want to activate. but the major issue is that you can’t get those sites
by directly searching with the normal keywords. as these sites are not given
that much Preference by google SERP. so in this Google database searching trick, I will tell you a specific searching technique by which you will be able to find Serial key or product key of any software for free.

How to Find Serial Key of Any Software

Step 1: Open Google Chrome or any Brower you like.

Step 2:  Type your software name + 94fbr on google search.

eg:- windows 10 94fbr

Step 3: Goto to the top search result website and get serial, crack, or full software for free. Enjoy!

Thank you!

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