5 Best Browser like Tor [Anonymous web Browser]

Browser like Tor

The Tor Browser is a popular browser for internet users. Tor browser allows users to browse anonymously. Tor privacy factor is attracting users to use the Tor browser. It lets them venture into the unindexed parts of the web as well. Tor helps you to create deep websites and marketplaces. you can also access Dream Market on the deep web with Tor. If you are searching for Browser like Tor. I will show you some trustable Tor alternatives.

is it safe to use (Browser like Tor)?

definitely, it is very safe to use. not all Tor alternatives are safe. but here I have given some safe alternatives for you. so, you can use these alternatives without any fear.

1. Freenet

freenet Browser like Tor

FREENET is one of the popular anonymous web browser, this Browser like Tor. Freenet is using a peer-to-peer platform. peer-to-peer is used for censorship-resistant and it’s also used for anonymous communication. FREENET is free software. Its network structure is very secure. so, it’s very safe to use. It keeps your information very safe. so, don’t fear using this browser.


2. Freepto

freepto Browser like Tor

FREEPTO is a Linux software. you can boot your computer through USB. You can also pre-loaded some useful software like web browser, image editor, mail client, etc… very easy to install FREEPTO. very easy to make a change in it. You can also add your own software to it. you can also make tools by FREEPTO.


3. Tails

tails Browser like Tor

Tails is a portable operating system. It will help to avoid surveillance, censorship, advertising, and viruses. It connects to the internet through Tor. You can boot this with a USB, and it can run as a virtual machine but that has some security risks. It’s a great option for you.


4. I2P

Invisible Internet Project is the best anonymous peer-to-peer network available today. It never leaves any digital footprint on the internet. I2P exposes a simple layer that applications can use anonymously and I2P sends the messages to each other very securely. If you are using I2P OR Tor with any VPN can ensure maximum security and absolute anonymity.


5. Subgraph OS

Subgraph is a Linux software. The subgraph is based on Debian. Subgraph is a communication platform. It is designed to be resistant to network-borne exploits and malware attacks. It gives you maximum protection. you can boot this with your USB or you can use it as your permanent OS.


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