Audio Steganography: [Tutorial] Hide data in an audio file Simply

Audio Steganography

Did you know what is Audio Steganography? Is that possible to hide data in an audio file? actually, that’s possible. A hidden file is any file with the hidden attribute turned on. Just as you’d expect, a file or folder with this attribute toggled on is invisible while browsing through folders—you can’t see any of them without explicitly allowing all of them to be seen. we can hide the data in windows 10, but that is not safe. everyone can unhide that actually. but I will show you how to hide data in an audio file with a password. no one can unhide this with know the location of the file and without knowing the password.

Audio Steganography or How to hide data in an audio file?

I will introduce simple software to hide the files. That will help you to hide data in an audio file with a password and also no one can unhide and find that file. just follow the steps I have given below.

Step1: Download and install

first, we need a simple software to hide data in an audio, download ‘DeepSound‘ software to hide data in an audio file.

Deep sound

Step2: Open software

After the installation, open the software to hide data in an audio file. you can see a window as I gave below.

Step3: Select audio

Now we have to select the audio file to hide data in an audio file. for that

open carrier, file→select the audio file→open

Step4: Select file

selects the file that we need to hide. for that click ‘add secret files

add secret files→select the files→open

Step5: Encode secret files

now click Encode secret files to hide data in an audio file.

after click Encode secret files, a small will window appears on the screen.

this is the window where we want to save the file and also select the file format what we need. and you can also set the password for the audio. if you set the password no one can see the hidden files.

after set the password click encode secret files.

Step6: How to unhide

now I will tell you how to unhide the file.

for that click extract secret a window will appear and ask password.

after typing the password and click ok.

I hope you love this information and don’t forgot to visit our website again

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